An Orchestra of Wind, Light and Leaves – A Poem

I can hear the sound of leavessmall

whenever you walk,

rustling along the ground.

I look down to see if

I can spot them,

trailing merrily along after you.

Every time I do,

I am shocked to find

that there are no leaves

fluttering in your wake.

It was only when

I began to hear the leaves

sliding along the ground as I walk

that I understood.

The leaves are your music,

a soft silky sound,

like paper leaning to fly.

I carry your music

inside of me,

your love for me

is like a symphony of leaves

and wind, singing its song

that fills every crevice

of my body.

I can feel them swirling

inside of me,

basking in the light

we share with each other.

That light intensifies

every time we touch,

each time we kiss.

My love for your

is its own symphony,

a swirling of leaves and wind

and so much light

that it would be blinding

to the naked eye.

When the two swirls intermingle,

a brilliant thing occurs:

the wind is replaced

by a voice that is singing,

my vision is overtaken

by the light emanating

from both of us

and every touch is a note

inside that voice,

every touch a pause

before the crescendo.

Every kiss is like a flare

of wind and light,

within that song,

We carry an orchestra

of wind, light and leaves

within us that

will continue to sing

for our song

has just begun.

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