Magic Made Real – A Poem

As a child, I used to dream04aff97b6b3444a0f72e281617759de1

of magic made real,

of distant lands where magic

held sway, where it was a

real, vibrant thing that

coloured the sky and shone

from the eyes of everyone.

As I grew older, that dream faded,

replaced by the words and actions

of others, those so rooted in

the mundane that they pulled

me down into it and the world

no longer shone brightly.

As I grew older still,

magic could be found only

inside books because they

would never hurt me

of judge me, never mock my

dreams of flying on the back

of a dragon, or riding across

hills in distant lands that

I yearned so much to visit.

Now, I am living that dream

because of you. We have travelled

to far away worlds on the wings

of large metal birds, we have seen

strange creatures that defy description.

You have helped me to believe

in time travel; we have been together

for over two years, and yet

it feels like I met you only yesterday.

We have celebrated and created memories,

each more magical than the last.

You have given me so much.

My life is brighter

because of you and the love

that you have given me.

I believe in magic and wonder

once more and know that you

are magic made real.

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