The Armor Inside – A Poem

My life is filled81756acb53aefa88ac565a7f2cca7406

with needles and pills.

I take an injection

every day and pills

three times a day.

At first, the act of

injecting myself each day

was a hindrance, the pills

a liability. I felt they

were a sign of weakness,

an indication that

I was somehow lesser

than everyone else.

A sign of my weakness.

The very act of having

to rely on a needle

was a daily moment of fear.

As time has passed, however,

I’ve grown. As I’ve grown,

how I view myself has

changed, a little at a time,

until the needles and the pills

just became normal,

a part of my daily routine.

Instead of something to fear,

the pills and injections

have become part of

the everyday. Now, whenever I

take my pills, I imagine

them filling me up

with light and everything good,

until I’m so full of light

that it can’t help but shine outwards.

Now, when I take my injection,

I imagine that each needle

is another piece of armor

being placed inside my body,

protecting me from the illness

that resides inside of me.

Each injection is another

piece of armour, another

link in the chainmail

that is keeping me whole,

from the inside out.


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