A Journey Through The Cards – A Poem

I am on a continual journey.smaller-version

I often feel like I am the Fool

from within my deck of Tarot cards.

I am standing at a precipice

looking around me at the world,

not as I knew it, but as I know it now.

I’ve been on this journey for years’ now

and have met many obstacles.

There have been times when

I wanted so badly to give up,

when the Swords showed their edge

and drew blood. But Swords are two-sided,

so that at other times, they helped me

to rebuild the Tower that had fallen to the ground.

When I started to get better and believe

in my own magic, in what I could create

and the strength of my spirit,

it was the Wands who were my guides,

lighting the fire inside of me

so that it burned bright and strong for all to see.

They urged me to create, to live, to dance.

I did not have to do this journey alone.

My Cups overflowed with people

that I met along the way or that I already knew,

some who would lead me towards my Strength,

like the Empress or the Princess of Pentacles.

Yet there were those who would want me to be

the Hanged Man like the Devil who wanted

to keep me down. Still I ventured onward,

the ground littered with Pentacles that

shone like the Sun brought to land.

Yet it wasn’t riches that I desired

but a rich life. At one point on my journey,

I looked up into the sky and saw

The Star shining so brightly.

It had been there all along, guiding me

towards my future. If I had given in,

I would not have the life I have now.

In a way, Death did come to me,

giving me an ending to something

I could no longer tolerate and

a new beginning to something new,

something wonderful. I stared up at the sky,

the seventy-eight cards fluttering

past my vision, each of them a portal

or a window so that I could look inside of myself,

see every step I had taken, the cards like

stepping stones in the darkness across the sky.

As I watched the Star burned even brighter,

shining down upon me. I knew that my journey

was not over, but I was not alone.

I would continue, for this is my journey

and I will take it one card at a time.

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