The Daughter of Wands – A Poem

When I first met you,1e5fc5cdcaddfc9afa679bba8409a4c1

I was struck by the light

that emanated from you.

As I came to know you better,

I admired your free spirit,

your willingness to love,

and your thirst to live.

You have been a constant

source of inspiration for me,

always willing to lend me

some light when the need arises

until I was able to find my own.

You are a visionary, always able

to look into the murky clouds

of the future and succeed,

even when you’re not sure

of the outcome that awaits you.

You are brave, able to take on

any challenge that confronts you

when most would admit defeat.

You are passionate in everything

that you take on, all that you do,

filling all those around you

with excitement. I am often

in awe of you, of how,

like a snake sheds its skin,

you cast off the parts of yourself

that are holding you back

so that you are left only with light,

with the pure vibrancy of you.

I have seen you transform

into the many facets of yourself:

Mother, friend, lover, confidant.

You are all this and more

and I am filled with wonder

at the thought of you

and what you have yet

to become.

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