The Reality of Dreaming – A Poem

For as longsmall

as I’ve known

you, I’ve felt

like I was living

inside a dream.

As if everything

that I had with

you was too

good to be

true. I was

holding on to

the dream, living

within it, enjoying

every moment that

I had with

you. Part of

me thought that

it was doomed

to end as

no one could

be this happy,

this content, this

enraptured, this joyous

for very long.

Though as time

passed and the

days turned into

weeks, then into

months and now

years, I let

go of the

idea that this

dream would fade

as all dreams

do. It still

felt as if

I was living

inside of a

dream and I

knew that I

didn’t want to

wake up, that

I couldn’t live

my life without

you and the

light that you

bring to it.

I began to

believe that we

would spend our

lives together, that

what we had

transcended the idea

of love and

mad it into

a reality. Then

the unthinkable happened.

“You know,”

You said.

“We’ve been talking about having a commitment ceremony. We’re doing everything but getting married. So why don’t we just get married?”

There must have

been a disconnect

in my brain.

All I could

hear were the

sounds of glitter

joy and stardust

as they sped

through my head.


I couldn’t get

the words out,

didn’t know what

to say, words

had left me.

“Will you marry me?”

Instead of answering

you right away,

as the words

were still trying

to find their

way back into

my consciousness, I

did the only

thing I could

think of. I

kissed you. Inside

of that kiss

were the words

that I couldn’t

find, the emotions

that you stirred

in me, thankfulness

for you that

illuminated me ever

day, the joy

I have of

being loved by

you. When I

broke the kiss,

there were tears

in my eyes

and you said

“So is that a yes?”

I looked you

in the eyes

and said “Yes.”

I realized then

that I wasn’t

dreaming, that this

was glorious reality

and my dreams

had become real.

You have given

me a reality

that was better

than any dream.

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