Wish Cloud – A Poem

I would havesmaller

missed you if

I had not

turned my head.

I had not

seen you in

seven years. You

had not changed

much, except for

your eyes. They

were filled with

ice when they

took me in.

Your face was

creased in anger

and I could

almost see a

large black cloud

following close behind

you. As you

neared me, there

was a lot

that I wanted

to say. Such as:



“How are you?”


“I hope you’re well.”

To think that

we had spent

five years of

our lives together,

yet there was nothing

that we could

say to each

other. You, because

the past was

still alive and

well; and me

because I could

see that you

wouldn’t listen to

anything I had

to say. The

look you gave

me as you

passed by me

would have left

me hurt and

severely scarred if

you had the

power to hurt

me anymore. I

only felt bewilderment

that you chose

to live with

so much hate.

You moved past

me and as

I watched you

walk away, I

realized that the

well that I

carried inside me

that had been

full of hurt

and pain was

now only filled

with light. I had

thought I would

be afraid of

you, when I

saw you next

but instead, there

was only calmness.

You had lost

the power to

effect or control

me. You walked

on, your shoulders

hunched against a

world that you

were determined to

be angry at.

So I did

the only thing

I could do.

I reached into

the well inside

of me, filled

with ink and

brightness and I

sent you a

little bit of

light. I watched

as the light

made its way

towards you, hoping

it would lessen

the size of

the cloud that

followed you closely.

Within that light,

I put one

wish. I said:

“I wish you well.”

It was my

final gift to

you. When I

turned away from

you, I knew

that you would

remain in the past

and that I

was heading home

to my future.

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