Revenant by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

revenant-1148826026Charlotte Duval is seeking something and trying to protect something at the same time.

She’s on the coast of Miravet, Spain trying to track down Tuckers Cross, that fabled piece of jewelry that cost her so much: her father, her safety and her world, all in one blow. The something she is trying to protect is herself. Her heart is shattered and her body empty after Christophe Marchand left. They had started the quest to find Tuckers Cross together and she would damn well finish it.

She knows that its dangerous, that Christophe’s brother Bruno is still after it, but she is desperate to get some closure as far as Christophe is concerned, desperate to have her life back, such as it is. Charlotte is no longer the same woman that she was before she met him. For one thing, she was still in love with Christophe. She had surprised herself with how completely she fell in love with him, only to find out that he didn’t feel the same way.

Charlotte thought she could live without Christophe. She had been wrong. Christophe thought he could live without Charlotte. He had been wrong as well.

He’s tracked the location of Tuckers Cross to Miravet, Spain and is astonished to find Charlotte scoping out the house where the cross lies inside. All the feelings, all the emotion, come flooding back to fill him up with longing for her. What he felt for her never went away, it only ate away at him, bit by bit, until he was starving for her.

Christophe also knows that they are in danger. The mob world is in turmoil and the people that had helped them on their quest thus far had all ended up dead. The deaths looked like accidents but Christophe knew differently. He knew that they could be next. However, Christophe also knew that he would lay down his life in order to protect Charlotte. She was his everything and was worth more to him than any priceless piece of art.

He knows that they have a better chance of getting the Cross before Bruno if they work together. His only hope is that Charlotte will forgive him.

Ducunt volentem fata. The fates lead the willing…

I loved this book so much. It was sexy as hell and hot as fire. Added to that, it was suspenseful and didn’t go anywhere I thought it would. In short, it left me breathless. St. James excels at bringing you into the mind of the characters so you can feel every heart beat, every bead of sweat along your skin. The emotions that Charlotte and Christophe are your feelings, so deeply are the characters drawn.

The stakes are higher this time around and the danger that Charlotte and Christophe faced felt real. As I read, I gripped the book with white knuckled fingers. There is a scene at the end of the book that left me needing to find out what happened. The urgency and the need are real in this book. I haven’t had so much fun reading a romance novel in a long time!

Added to that, the relationship between Charlotte and Christophe deepens in Revenant. It goes deeper than love and touches on something even deeper. Neither can breathe completely without the other and they are just beginning to realise that. They were lost until they found each other and are coming to terms with the love that is building to a fever pitch between them, even if it goes against everything they thought they wanted.

Revenant goes beyond the typical middle book of a trilogy. By the end of the book, I knew the characters on a deeper level, really knew them, and the book was stronger for this. It also features cameos from Nico and Farrell and it was like seeing old friends again.

I can’t wait to find out how it all ends in the third book, Rule!

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