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Revenant by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

Charlotte Duval is seeking something and trying to protect something at the same time. She’s on the coast of Miravet, Spain trying to track down Tuckers Cross, that fabled piece of jewelry that cost her so much: her father, her safety and her world,… Continue Reading “Revenant by Michelle St. James – A Book Review”

Miracle Skin Care – A Review of OZ Naturals

Recently, I was sent four new OZ Naturals products free for a review on Amazon. Well, I wasn’t just going to use it once and write a review. So I gave myself a little under a month to try the four products every day… Continue Reading “Miracle Skin Care – A Review of OZ Naturals”

The Lights of Shangri-La – A Review

Sooner or later, the touchstones of childhood call us back home… I had the immense pleasure of seeing the opening night of The Lights of Shangri-La last night. It was glorious in every sense of the word. It’s the new play being put on… Continue Reading “The Lights of Shangri-La – A Review”

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