Shine Your Light – A Poem

This poem is for Meaghan, who is a Star. 🙂untitled


There is a

light that comes

from within you.

At first, I was

blinded by it,

I would look

upon you and

see only stars.

Every time you

moved, it was

like you were

conducting the Milky

Way, a thousand

stars would trail

after your fingertips.

As I got

to know you,

the stars that

made up your

light gained a

brilliance matched only

by comets as

the shine across

the sky, the

light within you

growing beyond what

the eye could

see. I would

watch as you

helped others, filling

up their life

with light. Each

time you did,

I could see

stars lingering on

their skin, stars

that would glow

with a soft,

comforting light. Soon,

the world around

you was filled

with people that

shone because of

you, whose lives

were brighter because

you were in

it. Then came

a time where

the stars that

came from you

darkened, the shine

was dulled and

the air around

you filled with

shadow. To help

you through this

shadowland, I held

out my hand

to you and

gave you some

of my light

so that you

would find your

way back to

yourself. At the

edge of the

barrier between light

and dark, I

say to you:

Never forget that

you are a

being of light,

a person of

such beauty, both

internal and external.

Never doubt for

an instant who

you are and

what you are

capable of. You

hold the world

in your hands.

Shine your light

and leave the

shadowland behind. The

world is more

beautiful because of



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