The Greatest Gift – FREE Holiday Novella!

the-greatest-gift-cover-smallerHey Everyone!

It’s that time of year again!

Every year, I write a Holiday Novella and give it out for free. It’s my way of giving back to my readers, new and old. It’s also my way of putting myself in the Christmas Spirit and helps me get ready for the festive season.

I’m thrilled to present to you this years novella, The Greatest Gift. Here’s a bit about the novella:

Lincon is living inside of himself.

Having lost his partner Xander three years ago, on December 24th, he is a shell of his former self. His only comfort can be found in a circle of stone where he can hear Xander’s voice. His friend, Dava, tries to get him to engage with life again, telling him that Xander would have wanted him to be happy.

Lincon is content to live out the rest of his life by not living. What he needs is a miracle. That miracle comes in the form of an angel. Those we have loved are closer to us then we could even dream. Having watched his lover drift further inside himself, Xander knows he must do something, but what can he do?

Gabriel is the one that tells him to find someone for Lincon, someone who shines bright. If Xander should find someone, how does he make sure they meet?

Thankfully, miracles do happen at Christmas…

You can download it here:

It’s available in .mobi, .epub and PDF formats. And it’s free!

It’s my way of saying Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and Joyous Holidays to all of you. Thank you for reading my work and for making my world bright.

Happy Holidays!


One Comment on “The Greatest Gift – FREE Holiday Novella!

  1. Thank you so much Jamieson! The book sounds terrific! Can’t wait to read it. You’re such a wonderful person. So glad I met you. Happy Holidays!

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