The Dream Reality – A Poem

Inside of the dream,smaller

we were walking in a valley.

There was cobblestone and grass

underneath our feet, flowers lining

the path we were on. As we walked,

we began to see others waiting

alongside the road. On either side,

there was everyone we knew,

all wearing white so that they shone

brighter than the sun above us.

I held your hand and felt your light

shining within mine so brilliantly.

Those that line the path are smiling,

radiant and joyful. I can feel the joy

inside of myself, radiating from inside of you.

As we walk further down the path,

I hear a woman’s voice break out in song;

it is lilting and beautiful and filled with light.

We walk towards that voice that fills me

with such happiness and hope

that it makes my spirit want to sing with her.

You clutch my hand tighter and I return the gesture,

knowing that my life is about to change.

You look at me and I can only see your light,

shining so brightly. I wake at that moment,

slowly, and look around me expecting to see

a valley filled with our loved ones,

still hearing that lilting song that called to me.

I turn and look at you, lying beside me

and I marvel at the changes that we have

made together, at the changes within me

since I met you. You have shown me such love

that you’ve taught me to speak

the unknown language of the heart.

I can feel the pages of the book that this is written on

fluttering inside of me as I try to find the words

to tell you what you mean to me,

as I try to encapsulate the emotion you evoke in me

into one word or one phrase. I lean close to you

and whisper “I love you” and hope it will be enough.

As we prepare to take that next step in our journey,

and continue down the garden path that I saw

inside my dream, I know that making that dream

a reality is the greatest gift you could give me.

Inside myself, I hear the fluttering of pages

and the lovely lilt of song.

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