The Empress Among Us – A Poem

* This poem is for Jackie. Happiest of Birthdays!rws_tarot_03_empress


You create portals in which

to see the world more clearly,

using colours and paints

to depict the impossible and

that which dreams are made of.

You are the infinite feminine,

full of grace and beauty yet

you have a thread of bravery

that runs through you,

with a warrior’s heart.

We can hear the drum beats

of your strength as you take

each step and we dance

to that beat, that song, that rhythm

that you create for it is

enchanting and intoxicating.

You leave behind colour

with each step that you take,

brilliant gold, supple red,

a soft lilac blue and a purple

that recalls the light at dusk.

You create such beauty

with your portals to other realms

that you make the world

a more beautiful place

because you are in it.

You are the Empress among us

and we are grateful for you.


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