Beyond the Page – A Poem

I remember the momentsmaller

when I first saw you.

You looked at me

with your head framed

by a halo of light

as if you were made

from the sun.

I remember the first time

that we kissed.

It was dark outside

but I caught a glimpse

of the stars and they

seemed to burn brighter

when our lips touched.

I remember the first time

that you told me

you loved me.

Time itself seemed to stand still

and the air around us

was silent but filled

with such longing.

Everything with you has felt

as if it were out of a storybook,

like it was too good to be true.

I have to remind myself that

what we have together

is not being lived inside a storybook,

that it is so very real.

We were lucky enough to find

a storybook kind of love,

yet it lives and breathes

beyond the page.

You are proof

that miracles do happen.

As we embark on the next chapter

of our lives together,

I can’t see what is coming,

but I know that I will have you

by my side.

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