Loving You – A Poem

When I met you,love-is-magic-greeting-card_23-2147503872

I was scared of loving you.

I didn’t have great experience

with the temptress called Love.

I tried to fight it, tried to pretend

that it was something else.

Merely a very acute sense of lust,

possibly a very large infatuation,

or perhaps a very vivid daydream.

However, the more I tried to tell myself

that what I felt for you wasn’t love,

the more the feelings inside of me

insisted I pay them heed, that I listen.

I carried them around inside of me

for days. I was easily distracted,

lost within my own world,

because all I could do was

think about you. You were

in my thoughts and in my dreams,

filling up my words, even those

not spoken or unwritten.

Your love was a constant for me

and it had yet to come to fruition.

You were the one to say the words first,

those three words that evoke a magic

more powerful than any other spell,

more consuming than any other potion.

You looked at me with light shining around you

and you said the three words

that I was afraid to say:

“I love you.”

The light within me grew brighter

and there was nothing I could do,

I couldn’t hold the words back.

“I love you too, Michael.”

With the saying of those words,

a floodgate was opened.

Everything looked different to me,

and the world became something

that I wanted to experience rather than

something I lived in. The sun is brighter and

the world more beautiful because of you.

I never knew that love could be so easy,

that it would be such a gift.

You are a blessing to me every day we are together.

Loving you and being loved by you

is a magic beyond anything I have ever known.

Thank you for filling my life

with a pure and beautiful love.

Loving you is like magic

made real.

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