Love Is Magic – A Poem

largeThis poem is for my Wonder Mom Susan and my Wonder Dad Chris who are celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary. I hope the day (February 17th!) is full of love and magic.

Love and Huggles to you both!



Love Is Magic


There is a book sitting

in front of you. There are

words written on the cover.

As you run your finger

along the words, they begin

to glow brightly. The light

begins to pulse softly and

it takes you only a moment

to realise that the pulse of the light

matches the beating of your hearts.

Together, you open the book.

In front of your eyes,

you see yourselves,

ten years younger and filled

with so much happiness. It is

your wedding day and the world

around you reflects your love.

You are looking into each others eyes

and there is so much joy there.

The scene changes and becomes

something else altogether.

You are both standing upon a high mountain,

looking back at everything you have

accomplished together, the lives

that both of you have touched.

The air is filled with scenes

from your past together,

and as the visions of the years

you have spent with each other

swirl above both of you,

making it look as if the wind itself

was made of love everlasting.

The mountain is covered in flowers;

one flower for each time

you told each other “I love you.”

You both turn around and look

towards the future, to where the sun

is shining brightly, casting the land

in a glorious golden light.

You know that though only ten years

has passed, there are many more to come.

As you close the book, you watch as

you both link hands and begin

to walk down the mountain,

towards the light that your love

has brought to the world.

When the book is closed,

it still glows slightly and still pulses,

matching the beating of your hearts.

You run your fingers along the words

that are written there. They are:

Love is magic.

You know this to be true.

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