Expecto Patronum – A Poem

My Dementor lives inside of me.ep

Its actions don’t respond to pleading,

or begging or cries of fear.

I can see my Dementor

inside my skin, running its fingers

along my bones or pricking at

my muscles. It tries to take my life

from me, taking it upon its lips

as if it were performing the

Dementors Kiss. I use my wand

that is a needle to try and keep

my Dementor at bay, to perform

the tricky and difficult Patronus Charm.

However, sometimes, I am unable

to say the words, to shape the syllables

that would protect me. All that comes

out of my lips is a mumble of letters,

of would be words, and they have no power.

Sometimes, I am so fatigued from

the constant battle with my Dementor,

the every day fight to stay whole,

that I am not able to raise my wand

in time before it strikes.

I needed to drive it back, to conquer,

to have power over it instead of

it having power over me.

Knowing that my Dementor

is strongest inside my legs,

making walking difficult and painful,

I chose to make my own magic,

to cast a spell that would remain,

even when I could not say the words.

A wizard used a different kind of needle

to etch this spell along the skin

of my leg. When I look upon it,

I know without doubt that I

carry the power within me

to vanquish the dark.

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