What the Rainbow Means to Me – A Poem

When I was young,smaller

I knew that there was

something different about me.

I shone too brightly,

but had no words

to put a name to

the magic that was within me.

Growing up, I was always told

that being gay was

a bad thing,


a horrible sin,

I was taught to fear gay people,

which meant fearing myself.

I was fourteen when

I saw my first rainbow.

The flag was flying outside

of a shop. I wondered

what it could mean.

When I found out

that it symbolized gay Pride,

that it encompassed a whole rainbow

of people like me,

I was overjoyed.

A rainbow represents joy,

the possibility of magic

and it is a gift that the sky

bestows upon us.

When I finally did come out,

the first thing I did

was to go and buy

a pendant with the Pride colours.

I wore them knowing that

I should not hide who I am

or the magic that resides within.

To me, the Pride flag meant

that I could be proud,

that we are all one

and the same.

The rainbow united us

with its message of hope

of acceptance and love.

And in its bright light,

I finally felt comfortable

in my own skin.

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