Rogue Love by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

Rogue_Love_front_cover_A[19618]Braden Kane is at a crossroads.

Working as an FBI agent has never been glamorous, but he always felt that he was on the right side of the law, doing good work to protect the world from people who would wish it harm. However, after getting involved with people he thought to be hardened criminals and discovering that they were human, that they were doing the right thing according to their own law, he’s been reconsidering right from wrong. Nico had taught him another way to view the world.

After botched raid, Kane decides he’s had enough. He decides to join forces with Locke Montgomery. A Robin Hood style of criminal, he takes from the rich to give to those in need. And what Kane needs now is Nora Murphy.

Working as her partner in the FBI, Braden kept his hands to himself and loved him from afar. He always thought that starting something with her while they were working together would be wrong. Now that he’s working for Locke, though, all bets are off.

The two of them start something that was always bubbling beneath the surface. Nora had always wanted Braden, but knew that to get involved would complicate matters. Now though, he’s hers for the asking. They begin to experience their growing attraction together when Nora learns what Braden left the FBI to do.

Nora is shocked. Her father was the consummate cop, always on the right side of the law. Her brothers are a different story altogether. They do what they can to skate outside of the law. Nora has always been the one to follow in her father’s footsteps, upholding the law and what is right, fighting against that which is wrong.

With Braden now on the other side of the law, she doesn’t know if she can deal with it. But when she has a chance to catch a mole in the FBI with the help of those she has been fighting against, can she turn away from help when it is offered, especially when it involves Braden?

Her mother always told her “Everything you need to know is right in front of you.” Nora has no idea what’s in front of her, but she knows that Braden is part of the riddle her life has become…

Michelle Zink never fails to amaze me. Writing as Michelle St. James, she is no different. She doesn’t just write novels. She writes worlds that you want to crawl into. She doesn’t just merely pen characters. She creates characters that you truly know and become emotionally involved with.

I loved reading about Nora and Braden and about the battle between what is right and what is wrong that each of them are going through. Braden feels it’s better to fight the good fight, no matter what side of the law you are on. Nora is the consummate good girl, always wanting to do right.

While Braden was amazing and drool worthy, it was Nora who really captured my attention and my heart. I loved watching her deal with her internal issues and trust her heart. Her story also touched me deeply. Having a family torn apart by death and seeing the different ways that the passing of a loved one can effect those left behind was raw and somehow beautiful.

Add to that Braden’s relationship with his mother and the emotions hit home. He struggles with having a relationship with a mother he doesn’t really know anymore. His father left more scars than can be seen and Braden carries them deep.

What I love most about Michelle’s writing is that the emotions for all the character’s ring true. There is truth within their emotions and this adds to the depth of the book. I was moved by these characters and I fell in love with them as they went on their journey.

I can’t wait for Locke Montgomery’s story in Rebel Love!

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