Lust and Lemonade – Meet Nancy!

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For the second of five character interviews, please welcome Nancy! How are you doing today?

Nancy: Fabulous. Is there any other way to be?

Well, I don’t know. My usual philosophy is to sparkle on.

Nancy: And where do you think you get that sparkle from? From being fabulous. You’re not to hard on the eyes either, if you don’t mind me saying.

Oh, well thank you very much. So can you tell me a little about yourself?

Nancy: This is where I tell you what I do for a living, how much I make and what my cock size is?

Um, you can leave off what you make in a year and the size of your penis.

Nancy: Good, otherwise it’s like another date at a gay bar! Well, I’m a graphic designer. I design web sites and do layouts for companies, for ads and promotional materials, that kind of thing. What I really want to do is write.

You’re a writer? Do you have anything published?

Nancy: Nah, it’s just a secret dream. I have tons of journals filled with my scribbles and several unfinished novels. I like writing poetry, too. Sometimes, I feel like I have too many words inside me and I just have to let them out.

Well, you’re already a writer. Just make sure you follow that dream.

Nancy: Aren’t you the sweetest thing? Thank you for saying that.

So is your name really Nancy?

Nancy: Nope, but it suits me. I’m kind of a Nancy boy. You may not have noticed, but I’m a little bit more fabulous than the average gay man.

I did. I really like the purple and gold eye shadow.

Nancy: Isn’t it divine? MAC makes the most gorgeous shades. They make this pink shimmer stuff that is to die for.

So are you seeing anyone?

Nancy: Why do people always ask that? As if being with someone is something that determines your worth as a person?

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Nancy: Oh, you didn’t upset me, I’m all good honey. And no, I’m not seeing anyone. I haven’t been lucky in love.

Haven’t met the right guy?

Nancy: Oh honey, all that’s out there is Mr. Right Now. They are all into you while the booze is flowing and they get your clothes off, but afterwards it’s thanks for the wham bam thank you Stan and you never see them again. Whatever happened to love?

You believe in love?

Nancy: Honey, I’m a writer and a romantic. Of course I believe in love. I believe in all consuming love, mad love, delirious love. A love that is like the stories of old where nothing exists except you and the person that holds your heart. Good luck finding that in the gay community though. That kind of love doesn’t exist.

I don’t believe that. You just have to be open to it. Something good will come your way.

Nancy: Thanks honey. Can you make sure that he looks like Brad Pitt? Or Sean Connery? Or maybe a little like Richard Gere? Or maybe all three of them together. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know?

I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for talking to me today.

Nancy: No, honey, thank you. Anyone tell you that you’re very easy on the eyes?

I think someone told me that not to long ago…


Here’s a bit about the book:

What does it take to find love in the gay community?

In a world filled with one-night stands, glory hole blowjobs and weeklong romances, what does it take to find love? This is just what our protagonist Blaine worries about. Unlike his friends, he wants to settle down.

Chuck is just looking for Mr. Right Now. A self-proclaimed jock, he is always on the lookout for a good time. But what happens when a good time becomes a very good time? Does he run away from his feelings? Or admit them to himself?

Mike and William are having problems. Marital problems. Though they don’t sleep together, they do like to sleep with others and share their stories. They had wanted a no strings attached marriage. But they did not count on actually falling in love. With each other!

Nancy is just looking for love. True and honest love. Though a little bit eccentric, he is nonetheless good to go when he catches a bartender’s eye. But is Devon what he seems? Or does a secret lurk there?

Poppy is a little distraught. A self-proclaimed man hating lipstick lesbian, she’s beginning to have doubts about her sexuality. It may have something to do with the baby in her stomach. Her lover River Moon Falls will be pissed if she finds out!

She does the only thing she can do: turns to her best friend Blaine for help. Despairing that he will ever meet Mr. Right, Blaine is surprised to find him in Justin, the father of Poppy’s unborn son….

When all of these people come together, love is sure to show up somewhere…

We hope.

You can meet Nancy in Lust and Lemonade, available April 20th from Renaissance Press! Learn more here:

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