Wonder Mom – A Poem

*  This poem is dedicated to my Wonder Mom, Susan. Happy Mothers Day and I love you. 🙂



when I was young,

I thought you were a superhero.

I kept looking for a cape or a mask,

hidden somewhere;

I imagined them covered in sparkles,

or diamonds.

I kept watching you for signs of a super power,

but none ever showed itself,

at least to my young eyes.

There were no lightning bolts from your hands,

you weren’t able to fly around the world,

you didn’t turn into a woman made of fire.


you could do anything:

mend a scrape with just your touch,

calm me with just a few soft words,

give me solace by wiping away my tears.

As I grew older though,

I realized you did have super powers:

You filled the world with kindness,

you helped to mend my heart when it was broken,

you inspired me to believe in my dreams.

You made sure I knew,

even though I was different from everyone else,

that I could do anything I set my mind to.

You helped me see that even though I faced challenges,

I could overcome them.

I would not be half the man I was today without you,

without the wisdom you gave me,

the strength you passed on to me,

or the thirst for life that you instilled in me.

You filled my world with wonder when I was a child,

and you are wonderful still.

You are my Wonder Mom,

and I am so thankful for you.

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