The Next Chapter – A Poem

* For Michael 

If our life together was a book,ecardud8eb2_34086

it would pulse with light,

sending out a joyous energy

that would make the air around it

shine like the sun.

If our life together was a book,

it would be a cherished classic,

as timeless as our love,

filled with princes and magic.

We would hear characters’ voices

and the tinkling of music,

soft and lilting like the sweetest waltz,

coming from its pages.

If our life together was a book,

I would carry it with me

beside my heart,

taking comfort in knowing

that you were near.

The life we have written and lived together

is better than any book.

It’s more fantastical than any fantasy,

more beautiful than any fairy tale

and more passionate than any romance.

I used to live my life through books,

but now I will simply live,

because I get to live my life with you.

Whatever the next chapter of our life brings,

I will celebrate it,

because I celebrate you.

Even though I can hear

the rustling of pages as time passes,

I welcome the sound

and the next chapter with you,

whatever it may bring.

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