Capturing the Sun – A Poem


I’ve been trying for a long time to find the words.3

It’s not enough to say I’m merely grateful for you,

not nearly enough.

You not only make my life better,

you make me a better man.

When we first met,

my life was one of unease and fear,

and I regarded everything,


as if I were a deer in the headlights.

Even though you saw that in me,

you still took my hand,

held me close,

and told me you loved me.

I’ve been looking for the words high and low,

but they have been evading me.

I have looked into the skies,

the trees,

and upon the ground I walk on,

but they aren’t there.

I want you to know how much you mean to me,

how much you’ve changed my life,

made it into a dream that’s reality,

created a new chapter for me,

when I thought all of the pages were filled.

I look into the clouds to see,

if by chance,

they have written the words I want to say to you.

All I see are white wisps filled with wishes waiting to be made,

but I don’t see the words I want to say to you.

You’ve rewritten my life and given me the world,

but more than that,

you’ve given me your heart and the magic it holds within,

a gift beyond anything I have ever received.

I look down to the ground again and there,

hiding in the grass,

is a pen.

I pick it up and feel a thrum running through it and it occurs to me:

I don’t have to look for the words,

because they are inside me.

They’ve been inside me the whole time.

So, here I sit,

the world moving around me as I try to make the world slow down,

as I try to capture the sun and put it on the page.

You are the sun to me that brightens my day,

you are the wind that moves me to do better,

you are the sky to me,

filled with limitless possibilities,

and you are the ground to me,


firm and supportive,

keeping me from falling.

You are everything great to me,

you embody and are everything beautiful,

and I am so very grateful for you.

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