Pathway to Myself – A Poem

Pebbles, gemstones and shells on beach sand

I’m walking along my path.
It is made of white sandstone
and as the sun moves over its surface,
there is an answering shine from the sand,
as if the sun has passed over
flecks of sand that are made of diamonds.
I can see gemstones scattered
along my path as it heads towards the sun:
amethyst, sapphire, ruby,
garnet, citrine, aventurine,
tigers eye, rose quartz,
topaz, diamond, aquamarine,
lapis lazuli, black onyx.
The gemstones look as if they
are randomly placed along the sandstone,
but I know each holds a memory,
a moment caught in time.
As I walk along the path,
I reach down to touch one,
an carnelian that appears to contain
something wider than the highest mountain.
At my touch, a window appears
in the sky before me.
I can see myself as I was
when I was young.
I am with another boy and together,
we share a kiss.
My first kiss with another boy.
I walk on and touch another stone,
a moonstone that sparkles with its own light.
When the window appears,
I can see myself as I found my Spirit.
I am browsing the books in an occult shop
and it is like I found my home.
I walk on and look down at the gemstones,
at the sea of memories that they contain,
the emotions held within.
I bend down and touch a turquoise stone
and I can recall the memory as it plays
in front of my eyes.
I am older and I am lost within myself,
trying to find my way out
of the labyrinth within.
A blue agate is blinking merrily at me,
shining bright because of the sun.
I tap it gently and the window appears
and I can see myself as I learned
to walk once more.
I see a stone further on,
an obsidian stone that thrums with energy.
I touch it and I can see myself
at the very moment when I chose to live,
when I chose to fight and to celebrate
the life that I was given.
Towards the middle of the pathway
that holds pieces of my life,
its joys and sorrows,
I see a trio of stones together,
a rose quartz, an amethyst and a garnet.
When I touch one stone,
they all light up and I can see three windows,
all at once.
I see Michael when he told me
that he loved me.
I see Michael when he asked me to marry him.
And I see Michael when we said our vows.
I am filled with such joy
when I look back at the pathway of my life,
for everything that I’ve learned,
all that I’ve experienced.
When the windows fade,
I notice that the pathway continues,
that it goes on farther than I can see.
The sandstone is empty of stones.
I realize that its yet to be filled with memories
held within gemstones.
Seeing that pathway,
curving into the future and empty of stones,
gives me hope for what is to come
and the memories
that I have yet to create.

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