The Renaissance Press Book Bash!


Hey Everyone!

Check it out! On Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, Renaissance Press is having a Book Bash!

It’s the official launch for Lust and Lemonade and lots of other fantastic books by very talented authors!

Here’s everything you need to know:

What: The Renaissance Press Book Bash!

Where: 3 Brewers, 240 SPARKS STREET

When: Sunday September 3rd from 5pm to 7pm

Why: Why the heck not? Who can turn down a great party with lots of fabulous book?

How: There will be readings by the authors, prizes to win, and of course, the opportunity to get your books signed!

Here’s a bit about the books being launched:

Lust and Lemonade by Jamieson Wolf

In a world filled with one-night stands, glory hole blowjobs and weeklong romances, what does it take to find love? This is just what our protagonist Blaine worries about. Unlike his friends, he wants to settle down.

The Reluctant Barbarian by John Haas

Arthur Jenkins would have been happy to live his life the way it was until he finally died, but the angel in his office has different ideas. He’s there to grant a wish Arthur made as a kid, and it’s a doozy. It’s also a wish he doesn’t want in the slightest. After all, what grown man would want to be a barbarian hero? Seriously!

Whether he wants it or not, Arthur is getting that wish granted. Angels have quotas too, you know.

Join Arthur, Dead Mike and Valeria the Paladin on a quest across the land, having unwanted adventures while looking for a comfy place to sit.

Daughters of Britain by S. M. Carriere

68 ad. The Roman Empire has swallowed most of Europe. There are pockets of resistance… but nowhere, no one, is safe. Refugee. Slave. Queen. Mederei, eldest daughter of the fallen war-queen Boudicca, fled north with her sister to continue the fight for British freedom. But nowhere is safe from Rome. Now she must fight for her life for the amusement of her enemy. Soldier. Hostage. Prince. Adalbern, a proud Batavian, serving in the Roman auxiliary, lived by their rules.

But no one is safe from Rome. His people scattered and his nephew held hostage in Rome itself, he is now nothing more than a glorified prisoner. It’s life or death both in the arena and out for Mederei and Adalbern as they try to survive and save their people.

Parasomnia by Éric Desmarais

At the Aux-Anges institute, nestled in the woods outside of North Bay, they study and treat parasomnias, or sleep disorders. Ashley suffers from night terrors, Terrance sleepwalks, Kiri sleep-eats, and Paul sets fires; they are there for treatment. Adelaide took the job as a counselor to discover why she still has an imaginary friend.

When they discover the secret hideout of an old club called the Dreamers, they are shocked to find that the five of them are connected through more than just the Institute.

Some Assembly Required by Caroline Fréchette

Louis, Lily, and Laurent have been friends for most of their lives. When Lily and Laurent start dating, not only does Louis feel left behind, because of his unspoken love for Laurent, but Laurent also begins acting oddly, and it seems Louis may be in the best position to help…

So come one come all if you’re in the Ottawa area. It’ll be an awesome time. I’ll be reading from Lust and Lemonade AND giving away a totally awesome prize! What’s the prize? Well, you’ll have to come to fine out what it is!!!

See you all there!

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