We Can Become – A Poem

00a55076756c873ab2e5a2f2f0b1c111A year ago,

you asked me

to be your


A year ago,

you gave me

your heart

and I gave you

mine when I

said yes.

A year ago,

you asked me

to build a

life with you,

to build a

pathway towards

the future.

A year ago,

when you asked me,

I could hear

music inside of

my body, playing joyously.

There was a moment

where I was sure

that I could fly.

I spent my life

looking for happy memories

within the darkness.

I have spent my life with you

creating memories that I cherish.

I carry them

within myself,

an album of polaroid’s

that I can

look at like

a flipbook. If

I flip quickly

through the photos,

looking at everything

we’ve done, I

can hear a

soft music that

fills my body

with the joy

that you bring

me, every time

I think of


It’s been a

year, but it

has felt like

a day has

passed since you

asked me to

change my life

with you. I’ve

become a better

person because of

your love and

I can’t wait to

see what else

we can become


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