150 Canadian Stories of Peace – An Anthology

peaceI’m honoured to have my story included in the anthology 150 Canadian Stories of Peace.

Here’s a bit about the collection:

In recognition of Canada’s 150 years of Confederation, Canadians of all ages and backgrounds heeded our call to share their story of peace for this collection. These are their stories… Stories of individuals finding and creating peace within themselves, with friends, with their Creator, with Canada, and with others – even where peace may be difficult to imagine.

Stories that are expressed in prose, in poetry and song. Stories that are joyful and funny; stories that are sad, heart wrenching or difficult to accept; stories that are illuminating and inspiring. Some stories take place in the school yard, others in homes and communities, still others on the international scene documenting Canada’s role in development and diplomacy. We are honoured to bring you this collection and hope they inspire you in your journeys of peace.

You can get your copy in paperback here:


And you can get your ebook copy here:


I’m so thrilled to be part of this anthology to help spread the message of peace. My piece is called Welcoming in the Light and is towards the end of the book.

If you read it, I truly hope you enjoy it.

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