It’s that time of year again and I’ve got a gift for all of you. It’s my new Holiday novella called Love and Two Keys.

Here’s a bit about the novella:

Xander is an outcast at school.

He is often the victim of mockery and bullying. The other kids know that he is not like them, that there is something different about him. Instead of interacting with others, he sits inside and reads his books during his lunch period. While he reads, he is truly alive.

Remy is his only friend in the whole school. There is something different about her, too; but unlike Xander, Remy is out and proud and unafraid. She tells Xander there is no shame in being gay, that being yourself can set you free. Xander is unsure of what to do.

Then two things happen at once. Xander meets a boy named Alex and, when he does, the two keys he wears around his neck start to glow. Soon, Xander is faced with a choice: accept who he is and the chance at love? Or turn away from it all.

Thankfully, it’s Christmas and magic can make anything possible…

Want to know the best part? You can read it for free. You can download it here in various different formats:

I hope Love and Two Keys brings a little magic to your Holidays.

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