Love Within a Sea of Stars – A Poem

I never thoughtStars

that a love like ours

was possible.

I always thought

that it belonged

within the storybooks,

that it didn’t have a place

in real life.

Now, I know different.

Whenever I hear your voice,

my body sings along with it.

Whenever I see you

and look upon your face,

my heart rejoices.

I dreamed of you for so long.

I would look into the skies

at night and wonder what

you looked like or how

your voice would sound

when it said my name.

I wished upon every star for you,

every ball of light that I could see

within the canvass of the nights sky,

wondering if you would hear my wish

and if it would call you to me.

When we found each other,

it was as if that wish I had made,

oh so long ago,

had been granted and you were

the stuff off wishes and stardust.

There are times when we have to part,

when you are far from me in body,

but you are with me in spirit.

I look to the night sky when you are away,

hoping to send you messages of my love

through the morose code of stars,

blinking so beautifully in the darkness.

One night,

not so long ago,

I was looking up into the sky

at the sea of stars

and noticed one star that

pulsed and shone

so much brighter

than all the rest.

Every time the star pulsed,

I could feel something move within me.

Putting a hand on my chest,

I let out a gasp.

I realized that the star

that shone so brightly,

pulsed to the beat of my heart

and the love I have for you.

It is our star,

a piece of our light

amongst within a sea of velvet black.

If you ever find yourself

on your own without me,

know that you are not alone.

A part of me shines within you

and within the very sky,

as our love shines bright

within a sea of stars.

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