Walking the Walk


Hey Everyone!

On April 29th, I will be waling the walk!

I will be walking in the Mandarin MS Walk in Ottawa. I will be doing 5KM and this will be my fifth year taking part in the walk. It’s such a wonderful day filled with friends and family and thousands of people all walking for a good cause.

The funds raised through the walk will go towards research that will find a cure. As someone living with Multiple Sclerosis, I hope they find a cure for the disease in my lifetime.

I’ve been asked why I do the MS Walk. Well, that’s a two-part answer.

When I first did the MS Walk, I did the 3KM. I walked to prove that I could do it. When I was first struck with MS, I was bedridden for more than a month. As I started getting better, I had to train myself to do what I had done without thinking before: taking a shower, walking, speaking, typing. Everything was a battle that I was only too willing to take on.

I had seen advertisements for the MS Walk and, on a whim, decided to join. I was immediately filled with fear. I didn’t know if I could walk 3KM, had only just started walking without the aid of my cane.

Thankfully, I was walking with a team of incredible people that helped inspire me and support me. They knew that I could do it, so I believed in myself. When I crossed the finish line, I felt that I had proven something to myself and that I was capable of more than I thought possible.

Now, as I take on my fifth MS Walk, I walk for those that can’t. There are so many others that are worse off than I am, that can’t walk or have difficulty doing so. I walk for everyone who suffers from MS and everyone who is affected by the disease.

I walk because I can.

This year, I’m trying to raise $1,000. The donations raised will go towards research that will find a cure that I hope will be in my lifetime. If you feel like donating, please do. Any amount helps! Or if you are in Ottawa and feel like walking with The Wolf Pack, come walk with me!

Learn more here:


Thanks Everyone!

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