The Tree We Grow – A Poem

*Tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary with my Husband Michael. This poem is for him. I love you! 🙂tree


I always tell people

that you are my Prince.

In my mind,

you arrived within the Dark Forest

upon your steed.

There was a light that shone from you,

and all I could do

was stare as your heart

reached out to touch mine.

I always tell people

that you are my Knight.

You are forever shining your light

within the shadows that surround me,

to show me what I am truly capable of.

You charge ahead,

my biggest supporter and ally

in this world we find ourselves in.

I always tell people

that there are not enough words

to say how beautiful you are.

To you, I say

I give you my heart.

In my mind,

I gave it to you last year

when you gave me yours.

To you, I say

you are a part of me

and you are a bright light

that continues to make my life shine.

To you, I say

that if there was a word that was bigger than love,

I feel that for you.

I love you with my whole spirit,

my whole mind,

my whole body.

You are everything to me

and knowing that this is but one branch

upon a tree that has so far left to grow

fills me with joy.

You have rewritten the cosmos

and I am so thankful for


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