The Song Within Me – A Poem


All my life,

there has been something

that sang within me.

I heard this song

everywhere I went,

this lovely melody

that called to my spirit.

It was as if someone

had turned the volume down,

keeping it low so as not to

wake anyone else.

I would try to tune into it,

to hear it more clearly,

but it remained soft.

I wished for you,

for someone that I thought didn’t exist.

The music was at its strongest

when I wished for you,

and pictured who you would be,

as if a gentle wind flew underneath the notes

of music within me and lifted them higher

so that I could hear them more clearly.

When I met you,

the music increased in volume

until I didn’t have to strain to listen to the notes.

They rang right through me

and my spirit sang when you touched me.

I came to realise that you were always there within me,

waiting for the moment we met

in order to fill me

with light and song.

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