Life and Lemonade – The Cover!


Check it out everyone!

I am so thrilled to show off the cover of Life and Lemonade, Book Two in the Lemonade Series. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!

Nathan Frechette did an AMAZING job. His artistry skills are out of this world. He really brought my characters to life!

Here’s a bit about the book:

Blaine and his friends have all found love, but there are others who aren’t so lucky. In a world filled with all kinds of relationships, some of them can heal while others can hurt. Blaine and his friends must find their way around their relationships, new and old, if they are to make sense of the world around them. Sometimes love pulls people together, even when life is trying to push them apart. All is fair in love and war…but sometimes, life gets in the way.

Not only that, you get to see the fancy things that everyone had to say about my little book. Check out the lovely quotes I got from some amazing authors:

“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!”

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Women of the Otherworld Series.

“It was like Season 2 of my favourite series got released and I had to binge-watch it. Jamieson Wolf takes us deeper into the lives of Blaine and his crew, and it’s so hard to stop reading what comes next!”

 Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ’Cosm

“Walk through the lives of friends and lovers.  Feel the joy and the sorrow, the fear and the victory.  Mr. Wolf has captured the real lives of these characters.  You will laugh and cry and curse and cheer along with them.  And I promise, you will fall in love with them – as I have.”

Dava Gamble, Author of Jade Ascent and Jade Bestowed

“A frothy, big-hearted, romantic delight, with grit and steel at its core, and told in every colour of love in the rainbow.”

Stephen Graham King, Best Selling Author of Soul’s Blood and Gatecrasher

“Jameson takes the big—and little—moments of life and infuses them with such a wonderfully queer reality. The older aren’t necessarily wiser, the younger aren’t necessarily the go-getters, and the end result is a sense of living, breathing chosen family that charms.”

Nathan Burgoine, Best Selling Author of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks and Triad Blood

I am eternally grateful to the other authors that read Life and Lemonade and had such kind things to say!

We’re one step closer to publication!



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