Of Echoes Born by ‘Nathan Burgoine – A Book Review

of-echoes-bornsThere is colour all around us.

Reds can mean many things, such as the outpouring of emotion. Yellows can mean contentment and browns can represent the growth of something within us. Colour can symbolize many things, but sometimes that colour is just an echo, a faded brush stroke on a canvass, much like the emotion that conjured it. That colour becomes a spirit, a moment caught in time, a wish never fulfilled…

Colours run all throughout Of Echoes Born, the new short story collection by ‘Nathan Burgoine. I am always apprehensive when I approach a collection of short stories. Often, there are usually only two or three really good stories, a smattering of just okay stories and the rest are filler. However, every story contained in Of Echoes Born is a knockout and every one of them left me emotionally moved.

Weaving together all the stories are ruminations on colours, on what different colours mean when people see them. In the stories, we are shown the lives of people that are so real, so lifelike that it is almost as if we could reach into the pages and touch them.

The stories also feature magical realism at its finest and most beautiful. All of the stories left me breathless at the end. Burgoine has a deft hand with a pen and has crafted twelve perfect jewels, twelve perfect tales that will thrill, entrance and move you.

I was surprised by how moved I was by these stories. Each of them packed a punch but what struck me about most of them was how they could have been written about me. Quite often, the stories featured stories about the oddball, the gork or deek (geek and dork, dork and geek), the odd man out; I was and am that man.

I’ve often felt uncomfortable in my own skin. This is probably why I connected so closely to these stories. There is something for everyone within this collection including mysteries, magic and mysticism.

I won’t give you a rundown of each of the stories or tell you which story is my favourite; I loved the entire collection. Besides, I don’t want to ruin any of it for you. I want you to do what I did: open the book to page one and read. You will be amazed, you will be enthralled, you will be enchanted. It’s taken me quite a while to write a review for this book, mostly because I didn’t think I could find the right words to say how much I loved it.

I finished the book a changed person. That is the power contained within these stories. I can only hope you feel the same way.


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