The Best Books of 2018!

It’s that time of year again!

Every year, I list what were my ten best reads throughout the year. I’ve read over seventy-five books so far this year, so only picking ten books is a hard task! However, I picked the books that really stood out for me or ones that really struck a chord.

As per usual, the books on the list had to be published within the year of 2018. All set? Okay, let’s go!

Henry and Violet

10 – Henry and Violet by Michelle Zink

This book is as lovely as a fairy tale. Telling the story of Henry and Violet as they sneak away from a school trip, this is less a tale of what will be than it is what could be. I loved how Zink made the characters her own, gave them new life and helped them live off of the page. More than that though, Zink takes the characters we know and makes them her own, putting so much heart into the story. This book touched my heart. Read my review here:


9 – So This Is the End by Alexandra Franzen

This book surprised the heck out of me. What would happen if you could live just a little longer after you’ve died? This is just what happens to Nora who, though she has reached the end of her life, has never truly lived. I won’t tell you anymore than that, but I will say if you want to read a book that reaches into your heart and doesn’t let go, read this book!

Ghost Club

8 – The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

I loved how innocently creepy this book was. It is a novel that brings to live real life ghost stories told around the camp fire. It warms your heart and makes you realize that some things we fear are ultimately human in nature. It is the story of Jake and his uncle Calvin and the ghost club that uncle Calvin starts. What Jake find out is that some ghosts are very real. SUCH an amazing book.


7- Dear Mrs. Bird by A. J. Pearce

Set during World War II, Dear Mr. Bird tells the story of Emmeline Lake who takes a job writing for Women’s Friend magazine answering letters addressed to Dear Mrs. Bird. She’s not supposed to answer the more racy letters, but can’t help herself. Soon, she is in deep trouble and needs to find a way out. An absolutely amazing novel that packs quite the emotional punch. Has the feel of The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but stands on its own. It’s a stellar read.

The Wish

6 – The Wish by Alex Brown

Alex Brown never fails to disappoint, and The Wish is no exception. Sam knows that he messed up with his wife Chrissy and his daughter Holly and will do whatever he can to make it right. Even if that means moving back to Tindledale. Jude has come back to Tindledale to run the antique shop. She’s Chrissy’s best friend and means to look after her and Chrissy’s daughter Holly. When Holly makes a wish, it changes everything. An absolutely heartwarming read that left me breathless and thankful for the love I have in my life. Even more than that, Alex Brown always manages to take chick lit beyond the genre of chick lit to create a truly beautiful experience. Read my review here:

philosopher flight

5- The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller

I got this book when I saw the cover. Thankfully, the story contained within was just as amazing. Robert Weekes is a student of empirical philosophy, a branch of magic that teaches students to summon the wind, heal the injured and learn to fly. When Robert earns a scholarship to Radcliffe College, a women’s college for philosophers, Robert may have bitten off more than he can chew but soon, he joins others in the fight to save philosophy from those that want to destroy it completely. A brave and fantastical remaining of history, this book is pure pleasure!

how to stop time

4- How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

This book took my breath away. I love Matt Haig, but How to Stop Time just shone. This book tells the story of Tom Hazard who may look like an ordinary 41 year old, but he has actually been alive for centuries. He was told long ago that there was only one rule for people like him: don’t fall in love. When that happens, he wonders even though he’s been alive for a long time, when does he really start to live? A truly marvellous book and perfect in every way, part love story, part historical novel by all magical.

That Time I loved you

3- That Time I Loved You by Carrianne Leung

House hold lives. Those lives hold secrets. What if we were able to view those lives and those secrets in action? Told in a series of interconnected stories, Leung gives us the nostalgia of the 1970’s and fills it with so much quiet life that I couldn’t help but be charmed, moved and captivated by the short stories that make up this collection. I won’t tell you anything about the stories themselves, to do so would be a disservice. I merely ask you to open this book and read and be spellbound by a master of her craft.

Bookshop of yesterdays

2- The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

I loved everything about this book. What would you do if your uncle left you a treasure hunt of sorts after he passed away? This is just what happens to Miranda Brooks who, over time, became estranged from her uncle Billy. He has passed away and left her his bookstore, Prospero Books. He had always sent her on scavenger hunts when she was a child, but now he has one final scavenger hunt for her to go on. She will learn more about herself and about him and what keeps a family together. Thrilling in every sense of the word and just so much fun to read. Loved every word of this book!


1 – Of Echoes Born by ‘Nathan Burgoine

‘Nathan Burgoine has crafted a beautiful gem of a book. I was moved by this collection of short stories. Every one of them created a personal reaction in me. I’ve never read anything like it. Each of the stories is woven together in a tapestry of colour and the whole book just left me breathless. Indeed, I would stop for a moment when I finished each short story and reflect on the stories message and the superior craft of the writers words. This collection is magical realism at its finest. You know you are reading a book of fantasy stories, but somehow they feel so real, so true, that you think you’ll be walking down the street and meet one of the characters within. This is a wonderful gut punch of a collection that left me wowed. I had to read the book twice before I could even find the words for a book review, which you can read here.

That’s the round up! It took me forever to pick the list out and I hope you enjoyed reading about my top ten books of 2018. By all means, read all of these!

Until next year!

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