The Light In Our Lives – A Poem

The first time I heard you sing,smaller

I could see light moving around you.

It shifted and fluttered

in tune to your voice and,

as the song reached its crescendo,

it erupted in a starburst around you,

as if you had somehow captured the sun

with your voice.

The first time I heard you laugh,

it was as if the sound

were a music I had never heard before.

It filled the room we were in

until it positively shone

with the bright light of joy.

The first time I sat at your table,

surrounded by the people that love you,

I witnessed something akin to magic:

the room was filled with

the same light that surrounded you

when I first heard you sing.

A warmth spread about the room

and I watched the light burst like stars.

As the evening wore on.

I realized something

that I should have noticed before:

the light came from within you,

filling our eyes and hearts with brightness.

You are the embodiment of joy,

of everything marvellous.

You are that brightness.

Even on days that may be filled

with bothersome fog or persistent shadow,

you carry within you the light

that has chased the darkness away

in so many of the lives

that surround you.

You are the sun in our lives,

the music of our souls

and the light in our hearts,

and I am honoured

to know you.

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