Can-Con, Here I Come!


I’m so excited!

I’m going to be appearing at Can-Con, the Canadian Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts & Literature this weekend!

It takes place at The Sheraton Hotel located at 150 Albert Street.

Here’s a rundown of where to find me:

Saturday, October 13

Sexy Speculative Fiction – 7PM to 7:50PM – Salon A

Sexy Speculative Fiction – Readers often look for romantic or sexual sub-plots as a way to

increase tension in a work of fiction – and SFF by nature provides a lot of opportunity to make

things interesting. What do readers love (no pun intended) about these sub-plots and what do

writers love about them? How does introducing SFF elements to a romantic or sexual conflict

change their attraction (still no pun intended) to readers and writers? Madeline Ashby, Christian

Baines, Jessica Ripley, Jamieson Wolf

Sunday, October 14th

Author Reading – 10AM to 10:25AM – Salon B

I’m so thrilled to be able to take part in Can-Con! This will only be my second conference where I’m speaking as an author, so I’m a little nervous! I know that a good time will be had, I’ll get to see friends and fellow authors and readers AND  there will be more books than you could ever imagine.

In other words: Heaven!

See you all there!

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