The Portal at the Other Side of the World – A Poem


It’s the face cage that does it.

I dread the cage,

feeling trapped.

I am not afraid until then,

until it clicks into place

and my view of the world

is broken up by

thin white lines.

I’m told not to move,

not to move a muscle,

to stay perfectly still.

With my head immobile

inside of the cage,

the rest of my body

frozen into position

by a heavy lead vest,

it’s as if I am entering

some sort of futuristic coffin

when they wheel me in.

There are headphones

covering my ears

so that I can hear them

from inside the booth.

As the magnets spin around me,

they are looking within me,

trying to see the mystery within.

When they speak

I can hear them above the roar,

and it is as if I am hearing

the voice of God.

The last time I went,

someone had painted stars

within the tube.

I pretended that I was

at a very loud concert,

outside under the stars.

I could feel the grass

under my feet.

The same trick

never works twice.

This time, tonight,

I will pretend that I am

entering a portal,

a space time continuum,

that will take me to another world,

just for a moment,

a few lovely seconds.

Travelling through

the continuum is a noisy business,

space travel can be so loud,

but I will close my eyes.

A few tears will escape,

but the tears

will become jewels

in the new land

within myself.

I will close my eyes

the stars will enfold me

like a blanket

and I will make a wish.

I will give my tears

over to the magic.

I will wait for the moment

when I am told

that it’s all over,

that I can go home

and he is waiting for me.

I will sleep easy

knowing that my wish

was granted

and that a few of the stars

have followed me home.

One Comment on “The Portal at the Other Side of the World – A Poem

  1. Fantastic poem Jamieson but you have always been poetic. Love Love Love and wonders which book this will be in because I know and your works. Go sleep! Hugs, Elaine

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