The Music of Stars – A Poem

* This is my first Pay It Forward offering of 2019. It is a poem written for Rhonda Prasad.



There is a grace about you.

It fills up the room

and everyone is bathed

in a soft, pulsing glow

It’s as if you have called the very stars

to light you on your path forward.

When your laughter breaks free,

the stars begin to sing

and their soft pulse

keeps time with your heartbeat.

You reach out to touch them,

to run your fingers through them,

as if they are water.

You don’t just direct yourself

from one place to the next; instead,

you carry the power of fire within you.

As you walk, the stars watch,

following every movement.

Even the stars are awed by you

as you don’t just move;

you dance upon the stars.

You are the vibrant expression

of a mind and spirit that

is filled to the brim with joy.

Every time I see you,

it takes me a moment to realize

that the stars don’t merely come from you,

manifested by the sound of your laughter.

It is more that you are made

from the stars themselves

and you leave a trail of stardust

everywhere you go.


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