Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword – A Poem

I carry my talismans on my skin:

Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword.

The Wolf is my protector and Patronus,

standing between me and

whatever means me harm.

I like to think that,

when I am asleep,

it riles against the disease

that flows through my body

and fights for me when I cannot.

The Ace of Wands reminds me that

I am capable of magic

and carry magic within me.

It stands as a symbol of my spirit,

the creative fire that drives it,

the flames that send stars into the sky.

It is my spirit about to begin.

I like to think that

when I am asleep,

it is slipping new stories into my dreams

and keeping the embers burning.

The Lion is a symbol of my courage

and the strength to love myself.

It symbolizes being strong enough

to take on the worst enemy,

even if that enemy is me.

I like to think that

when I am asleep,

it is wrapping me in a big hug,

letting me know that I am loved.

The Ace of Sword cuts through all the mental clatter,

until all that is left

is the sound of clarity.

It is the pen that rises above the page

and slashes down amongst a lightning filled sky,

causing the words to flow.

I like to think that

when I am asleep,

it lets words seep below my skin

giving me stories to figure out later

when I am on my own.

I carry my talismans on my skin,

symbols of healing,

of strength and the power to create,

the will to live,

of clarity and understanding.

I carry these talismans on my skin,

and they stand for the strength, magic and clarity

that I carry within.


2 Comments on “Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword – A Poem

  1. As soon as you said he told you that you wore your talismans on and in your skin I could feel it so not surprised at all Jamieson. Love them all and a great wolf. Mine is Native American more based since I know in that past life my wolf was real, my companion and brother whereas this time around he is with me in spirit. Though I have seen and felt him at times on my bed. Anyway think yours are neat. Namaste

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