Vows – A Poem

wedding photo

When I met you, my heart came alive again.

My life had been one of uncertainty and shadow

and meeting you was like having the lights within me

turned on all at once. I saw the world differently through you.

Over time, you showed my heart what love really was.

I kept waiting to be hurt by you but, as time moved forward,

I realized that you only wanted to love me totally,

support me completely. You really saw who I was.

Now, my heart, body, mind and spirit love you so completely.

You are like a brilliant flame in my life,

and I often hear our souls singing to each other at night.

I never believed in the idea of soul mates until I met you.

Though we’ve spent years together,

Travelling all over the world and seeing sights

that I never thought I would see, made more special,

more meaningful because I was with you,

it feels like I’ve spent only a moment with you.

I find it impossible to believe that we are approaching

five years together and two year married,

when it feels like only a second of time has passed.

Michael, I want to spend the rest of my eternity with you,

not travelling behind or in front of you,

but taking you by the hand and journeying onward

through the life we have built together.

I want to grow old with you, I want to take care of you.

I want to watch the bond that we have together

grow stronger and more whole, as the years take us

on this dance of life.

Most of all, I want to love you and be loved by you.

I have never had a love like the love that we share.

It has only grown stronger every minute, every hour, every day.

It is like a flower that blooms inside of us, pulsing with light.

So now that you have helped my heart come alive once more,

its beats have become a music that my soul dances to,

its light shines outward and the air around me sparkles,

as I take on every day with the gift of your love,

and you’ve showed me what love can be,

this glorious gift that shines between us and within us,

something that has only grown more stronger

and more beautiful with each passing day.

I’d like to give you my heart,

naked and full of light,

but I don’t really need to give it to you,

because it’s already yours.

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