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When I Think of You – Now in Paperback!

I’m super thrilled! The paperback edition of my National Best Seller When I Think of You is now available! Here’s a bit about the book: There is something about capturing the longing of the human heart within words. When Jamieson Wolf first met the… Continue Reading “When I Think of You – Now in Paperback!”

Vows – A Poem

When I met you, my heart came alive again. My life had been one of uncertainty and shadow and meeting you was like having the lights within me turned on all at once. I saw the world differently through you. Over time, you showed… Continue Reading “Vows – A Poem”

Your Glorious Magic – A Poem

Though I struggle with a lot, loving you is the easiest thing to do. I don’t have to even think about it, my love for you is a constant vibration that shines through me like the sun. Though I may have difficulties that often… Continue Reading “Your Glorious Magic – A Poem”

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