Memoriam for a Star – A Poem

StarThis is my fourth Pay It Forward offering. It’s for my cherished friend Brenda who passed away recently. I love you Brenda. You were a kindred spirit and you will always be remembered.


You were stardust given shape.

There was a light that glowed from within;

it shone on all that knew you.

Never have I known someone

who was so full of life,

so full of light.

Every time you looked upon me,

I could see it in your eyes

that you were completely present,

the light from within you

glowing like embers

in your gaze.

You lived with exuberance,

wanting to experience

all that life had to offer you.

Though your life was difficult,

you never let that light

that was within you fade,

never let it go away into the shadows.

You only looked upon the world

with eyes that saw only

the beautiful things in life.

When we travelled together,

the trips were a joy

not because of where we were,

but because you were with us.

I will always remember

riding down a road,

the hot air all around us,

all of us in a pink 1954 Cadillac.

I was in the front seat

and I looked back at you.

Your arms were thrown above your head,

and you let out a cry of absolute joy.

There were stars that streamed

from your fingers

to join the other in the sky.

I will remember you that way,

I will hear your laughter

and taste your joy upon my tongue

as it filled up the air around us.

You were stardust given shape

and now you reside in the stars

looking down upon us.

Whenever I think of you,

I will look to the starry sky

to see if I can spot you,

shining brighter than

all the rest.

Brenda in Veradero  Cuba. 

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