The Timeless Spark – A Poem

The first time you held my hand,Spark

time stood still for us.

When our hands touched,

a spark ran along our skin,

and time ceased to matter.

Within that spark are memories

It holds them like photos

that it has been collecting

throughout our time together;

Within the spark that we have created

is the first time we kissed

and the first time you told me

that you loved me,

and the first time we travelled together,

stardust following us wherever we went.

Flipping through the memories,

I spot one that shines brighter than most.

It is the day when

you became my husband.

I set it down upon my skin

and watch as it pulses softly

with a light all its own.

You take my hand

and the spark now sits

between our two hands.

I look at you and wonder

what kind of magic

exists between us so that

years have passed and yet

it still feels as if we are living

within our first moment,

held safe in the spark

that passes along our skin.

As we celebrate another milestone,

and we begin our second year

as husbands, lovers and best friends,

I am so thankful

for the spark that led me to you.

Our love is timeless.

Looking at you,

the light of the spark

reflecting off of your skin,

I fall in love with you

all over again

and can’t wait to dance through time

with you by my side.

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