The Light of You – A Poem

* This is my fifth Pay It Forward offering. This is a poem I wrote for Shannon Dugas. smaller


When I look into your eyes,

I see the Warrior within you.

She has had to fight many battles

and win many wars.

Some of these have been external,

unseen foes that attack like the wind;

slicing into your skin and leaving scars.

Others have been internal

as you have fought against yourself,

leaving cracks in the chalice

that contains your light.

When I listen to you speak,

I hear the Wise Woman within you.

She shapes your lips, forming syllables

to make words that sound like music.

Those words guide many that need help,

as you are guided and enriched by them.

Your paths intertwining into a tapestry

that spans your whole lifetime.

When I am embraced by you,

I feel the warmth within you.

Though life hasn’t always been easy,

and the path that you have been on,

that you wear upon your skin,

has had many pitfalls or potholes along the way,

you continue to shine.

Even though your chalice has been cracked,

you have persevered and gathered shards

and pieces of glass along the way.

You have used these to repair your chalice,

choosing to heal yourself and to heal others

with the warmth that you exude.

You pulse like a light that shines so brightly

it is brighter than the stars.

You are Warrior and Wise Woman

and a beacon of warm Light

that helps others find their way

in the dark.




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