I Love… – A Poem

I love the sound of birdsong that wakes me every morning.728845_1320435870876_470_376

I love the sound of water that is travelling over rocks,

or the sound of rain as it falls, whispering into the air.

I love watching my plants bloom, as they grow into themselves

and give me the gift of their beauty.

I love the unapologetic sound of children laughing,

a pure and unfiltered sound that is like music.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning that signals

the beginning of a new day that is full of treasures.

I love the end of a day as I reflect on everything I’ve done

and the dreams I may have on my nighttime journey.

I love the smell of a new book that is full of knowledge

and the scent of an adventure yet to come.

I love the sound of a song that I remember in my heart

because it was with me on significant part of my journey.

I love the feeling of grass underneath my feet.

I love the soft rasp of sand between my toes.

I love finding something so funny that laughter bursts out of me.

I love the emotion that fills me when I hear the words, I love you.

I love watching birds fly along through the sky,

and being left to wonder where their journey will take them.

I love exploring some place new and unknown to me,

whether it be a new country or a place close to home I have never seen before.

I love sharing time with friends and family and the closeness we share.

I love the time spent with my husband, time that can be spent doing nothing,

filled with conversation or the sweet sound of comfortable silence.

I love the scent of cooking or the heady scent of baking as it fills my home.

I love that love can be such a simple thing,

or bigger than the mountains and the oceans.

I love my life and the path that I’m on that has brought me to this very moment.

I love.

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