Rage Cloud – A Poem

I can feel it under my skin.rage cloud

It tries to come to the surface

and burns through me,

as if I am made of fire instead of flesh.

The blackness is like tar beneath my skin;

I can feel it itching as it starts

to seep through at unexpected moments,

almost sighing in relief

when it is able to feel the air

upon its surface.

When it does this,

I cease being myself.

Instead, I am a black monster

filled with rage.

I am blind as all I can see

is a red cloud in front of me

that throbs and pluses with the

blackness that runs throughout me.

In that moment,

I cease to be

and there is just emotion:

anger, rage, hate.

I scream to try and release

what I am feeling

and the sound frightens me

being guttural and primal

and unlike any sound

I am capable of.

That release soothes the monster

who resides within my skin,

and the black layer reveals itself

to be skin that has burnt away,

flaking off and falling to the floor.

The red cloud still pulses in front of me

and I can ignore it for a time.

I can pretend that it doesn’t exist,

until it gets beneath my skin once more

and starts to turn black

from lack of air.

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