The Silent Symphony – A Poem

Musical notesMy body is a symphony of silence.

It makes it own music,

though I can’t hear it.

I can only feel the silence

as it makes its way through me.

The fatigue that takes my energy?

Those are the wind instruments.

that fly through me like the air,

taking what energy I have.

The spasms that wreak havoc and cause pain?

Those are the percussion instruments,

bright flashes that flare and pop

within my body.

The brain fog that descends without warning?

They are the drums and cymbals,

rolling through my brain like dark clouds

that take away my capability of thought and speech.

When I lose my balance or my footing?

Those are the string instruments,

the moments where my brain argues

with my body and what

it wants the body to do.

Though all of this is playing within me,

the instruments make no sound

and only I can hear them.

The music is different day,

filling my body with so many notes

that at times if feels like

I will be able to float away,

carried aloft by the silent symphony

that lives within me.

Sometimes, I look skyward

and I imagine what that would be like.

Flying towards the sun and free of pain,

riding along on the notes left behind me

in the sky.



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