In Awe of You – A Poem

I am in awe of you.heart

Your love heals the cracks in me,

those fissures and fault lines

that run along my body

though they are unseen to the human eye.

Those lines were caused

by trauma and bits of my spirit

that were torn away from me,

or given to someone

as a peace offering that had no effect.

You’ve managed to find

those missing pieces,

even ones that I assumed

were lost to me forever.

During our time together,

you’ve presented me

with each piece of myself,

your hands outstretched,

the small shards or slivers

held within your palm.

They glow softly

and there is a slight humming

that comes from them.

Gently, you’ve taken each piece

and found the part of me

that they belong to:

along the sore muscles of my legs,

trying to soothe the pain held within.

Along the cheekbones of my face

where I’ve taken the blows when

I’ve turned the other cheek.

Within each of my hands,

raw from being cruel to myself

or along the curves of my shoulders

that have had to carry such heavy loads.

You’ve even found the one piece

that belonged in the small space above my heart

which was lost to me

when I could not love myself.

You gave that to me when we were married,

except now I wear it on my finger.

I am patched up and whole

because of you and the love you give me.

I am in awe of you

and the light we create


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