The Sun from Within – A Poem

It was as if we had met before,

or known each other from

some other moment in time

that had yet to become.

The light inside of you

recognized the light within me.

Over time,

I’ve watched you grow into

the most amazing human being

and your light has only grown brighter.

Though there have been times

where your light has dimmed,

hiding behind the clouds

that weaved in and out of your life,

I could always see it shining

underneath your skin.

You carry the sun within you,

so strong and bright does your light shine

that I can’t help but be changed by it.

When I am in your presence,

I am lifted up and overjoyed

and my light intensifies and grows stronger.

When I hear your voice,

it brightens my dark days

and shows me the goodness

that hides within my shadows.

Even when we don’t fill

the air around us with words,

I can hear the low hum of music

that resides within you.

The music reminds me of the melody

that the sun makes,

a wordless tune of brilliance and joy

that warms the soul from within.

This is the effect that you have on others.

My life is so much better,

so much brighter,

because I know you.

Thank you for your brightness

and for the song and light

that you give to the world.

Thank you for you

and the sun from


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